Life Adjustments in the “New Normal”

We all know that adjusting to change can be challenging. In essence, life adjustments often come with a wide range of emotions and experience which can be jarring.

Over the past few months, we have experienced an unprecedented shift in our way of life because of Covid-19. Even up until now, this pandemic is pushing us to embrace the uncertainties.

Some often find themselves being in a survival mode as they tend to feel obliged to gather necessary resources to function at school, work, or even when trying to keep relationships at bay. Some may be attempting to settle into their new routines by trying to combat social isolation. And for others, it’s a constant process of educating themselves on how to live or relive with friends, family members, partners, and colleagues which is a cycle that doesn’t guarantee any comfort.

In other words, the transition and journey towards the new normal have a lot of bumpy roads.

Some have lost their jobs while some are blessed to stay at work. Some are mandated to work from home while some created their own proprietorship to earn and survive in the midst of the pandemic. Some adjusted to what their work is requiring them to do now.

For instance, a 23-year-old young professional, working as a Marketing staff in Camella, shared that she felt like adjusting to the new normal is comparable to the days when she was still at school attending classes to learn new things. She considers that the pandemic taught us a lot in terms of physical and emotional. “It taught us the importance of life, relationships, and gratitude,” she said.

These days, interaction and personal communication which were too common and casual before changed drastically as to how they can be done now. It’s actually a big challenge especially for her job that requires physical interaction to close real estate sales. From a face-to-face collaboration with clients, she is now using digital technology to present the product she’s selling. At the end of the day, she has to focus on delivering the best service possible even virtually.

While this is a huge adjustment for her, she is all the more impressed with the great work that is happening around most particularly as to how her company adjusted to the new normal.

We also can’t forget the front liners who, among all of us, went through the biggest adjustment. While most us who are in the comforts of our homes, they spared their lives to face the battle with the pandemic.

Along with these changes in routines and plans for the coming days ahead of 2020, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges and difficulties that we face in the light of this pandemic.

Remember as well that it’s okay to feel not totally okay. It’s also okay to seek and encourage help, support, and advice from our family, friends, loved ones or even a specialist. There will be denial, anger, maybe even depression and acceptance, as we pilot and adjust to the new normal. But it’s equally important to allow yourself to grieve what you have lost, so there will be more space to start embracing and finding comfort in the new normal.

There are things that we can also do to ease up our transition to the ‘new norm’. We can make use of this time to reflect on who we want to be, what our future will be, and what awaits us. Besides contemplation of what the future holds, we may also use the method of focusing on what is within our control. And it’s good to always be informed. It’s an advantage that you are well-aware, that you never settle for misinformation that may put you at risk. It’s also a good idea to be in the know during conversations, news, and information related to Covid-19 to prepare yourself for the life that awaits you in the new normal.

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