Discovering new passion during pandemic time

It has been months since we went into quarantine to be kept safe from Covid-19. This season is so far the most trying time our nation – and world – has faced in years, but it has also granted us the gift of time to rediscover ourselves.

With all the mayhem caused by Covid-19, we may find ourselves missing a lot about what used to be our daily hectic routine. We miss going on our morning coffee run. We miss hanging out with friends on weekends. We miss long drives, beach trips, malling, or attending church. Don’t we?

The new normal

In the earlier days of the lockdown, I couldn’t even imagine how I would be able to survive the next few weeks being locked up at home. As a young marketing professional in Camella, I was used to do everything with personal interaction as my job requires me to conduct face-to-face meeting, deliver presentations, and facilitate big marketing events to promote our project to a relatively big crowd.

This all changed during the quarantine. I had been in a work-from-home setup for months. For us to proceed with our work as is, our company created effective schedule and rolled out communication means where we can still connect with our work mates and clients even virtually via Zoom or MS Teams. This time, we have shifted most of our efforts to digital.

Going back to cooking

As days went by, it seems like I was getting used to this new way of life. Whenever I crave for fries, burger, pizza, or milk tea, I now place my order online rather than go to physical stores.

I also went back to what I love which is cooking to fulfill my cravings for pasta, cake, or ice cream. I would explore creating dishes via YouTube videos and tutorials. Cooking, for me, has a calming effect because of its detail-oriented nature. There are steps that you follow, and you know something is going to come together in the end. Being able to eat something you’ve made also feels really good.

On the days I was at home, I was able to cook several dishes that help me cope with all the stresses and challenges I ran into. It had been an activity that I looked forward to every weekend. Every time I prepared my favorites, it brought back fond memories where food trips and gatherings can be done in our home.

Discovering hobbies

Aside from making dishes, I also enjoyed spending my break time with my adorable shih tzu dogs named Sherlock, Toffee, Kitkat, Kisses, Chocnut, Ritter, Four, and Oreo. I was able to have quality time with them by regularly trimming their hair and mastering the art of pet grooming.

Whenever you find yourself facing the stresses this season is giving us, it might be good to battle them by discovering or rediscovering hobbies. Studies show that they will be able help us cope with today’s new way of life.

If you love to bake, draw out those recipes and get busy. If you’ve got a tiny patio or balcony, you can start a mini garden at home. If you have furry four-legged friends you can play and have fun games with, do that. The key is to do an activity that you love and relaxes you.

Being able to spend quality time at home, I pray that everyone is enjoying the luxury of a complete healthy family, flexible work-at-home schedule, and most especially a safe and secure house inside a vibrant community just like in Camella

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