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You are 30, what is next?

You are 30, and soon you will be out of the calendar, as they say. You just finished a bittersweet episode of your 20s, and now you will be facing a new decade of meaningful change, your 30s. You may have mixed emotions, like the fear of meeting expectations from your family, your friends, colleagues, and yourself; and the excitement from the thought that this is maybe the best decade of your life.  

Just as how you start your year every 1st of January, why not try to write about what you want to carry out in this new phase of your life such as the things listed below: 

Advocate for yourself 

Treat your life experiences as your rich source of information. What are the life mistakes that you do not want to happen again? It can be a no-skincare habit, failed exercise routine, or simply not eating healthy. This new milestone might be the perfect time to do such – a time to raise self-love.

Get a deeper sense of maturity 

Under most laws, young people are recognized as adults at age 18. But emerging science suggests that most people do not reach full maturity until they passed their 20s. This simply means that by reaching 30, you are a fully-matured individual than you think you are. Either you are planning to start off a family or propel your career advancement, just go for it!  

Develop a few hobbies that you are passionate about 

As you grow, your interests change. What you are interested in your 20s might not interest you now. And guess what, that is okay! It could be arts, business, or media. Finding your passion does not mean you have to drop everything and start over. It does not mean you have to start looking for a new job or move somewhere new or completely turn your life upside down. At 30, you still have the time and the freedom to find the things that you are passionate about. Whatever it is, always remember that passion is what makes you happy and what you want to spend your time doing. 

Increase your stability 

After splurging on gourmet coffee every morning, dining out with your friends or officemates every time there’s a new restaurant in town, or upgrading your phone model as soon as the latest one is out, you’ll eventually realize that these are unnecessary expenditures that do not build your wealth.  

Your 30s is an enviable time at work, you are likely to have gained quite a significant degree of seniority and to be known and respected in your field. Or your business is now in its stable phase with consistent monthly earning. You want to be more serious about how you will handle your money, and one thing to do that is to put them to things that matter like starting to own a home.  This does not mean you need to have loads of savings because you can now start to own a home or lot with only Php15,000.00.  Developers like Camella offer ‘flexi-deals’ with low monthly equity and 80% of the total price can be applied as a home loan to different banks accredited to them. 

The truth is turning 30 is not bad. You are entering your peak earning years. You start building a life with the persons who matter the most. Tick off items from your list one at a time or all at once, it does not matter only if,  you are decided to start. 

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