Gardening: A Growing Passion

With the current situation where staying at home remains to be a norm, a lot of people seems to becoming creative when it comes to their hobbies and passion. This is just one of the many ways to focus their attention to things that truly make them happy which is, at the same time, very helpful especially to their emotional and mental health.

These days, some people are starting to be into gardening that pushed the hashtags #PlantTitas, #PlantTitos, #MyGarden, #MyLeafCollection to trend on social media. There is also a growing Plant Barter Community where they get to exchange plants that they want to add to their green collections.

Gardening is an activity that one can easily fall in love with and it even awakens the passion that people think that they don’t have. Some would say that the feeling they get when they see their plants grow healthy and in full bloom is priceless. Aside from emotional fulfilment, there are also health benefits that one can get from such activity like aerobic exercise, exposure to Vitamin D, and reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For aspiring starters of this passion, here are five tips that you may want to consider.

Decide what you would like to plant

Before starting anything else, try to ask yourself first. Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? A flower garden? An herb garden? If you choose vegetables and herbs for their contributions to your dinner table, plant those that your family will eat or be willing to try. If you want flowers for their beauty, color, and fragrance, decide whether you want those that bloom most of the summer or those that have a shorter bloom time.

You should also consider what are the plants you want see every day, and see if it’s compatible in your area.

Choose the correct spot

Almost all plants need 6-8 hours of full sunlight each day. So you need to observe your yard throughout the day to figure out which spots receive full sun versus partial or full shade. Don’t skip this step, because in order to thrive, your plants need to have their light requirements met.

Consider as well that it should be safe from the eyes of your pets to avoid damage the next day you wake up.

Test and Build your Soil

Nutrients of plants mainly come from the soil. This is why the more fertile the soil, the better, healthier, and more vibrant your plants will grow. Before getting all the work done, have your soil checked if it has sand, clay, silt, rocks, or a mix of all four. After assessing, you can decide if you need to add fertile soil or compost that will make your plant grow healthy.

Plant with Care and Nurture your Garden

They say that there are people who have “Green Thumb”. You can be one if you’ll take good care of your plants by providing their needs like sunlight, water, sometimes fertilizer/added soil, and most importantly your attention.

Help your plants reach their full potential by keeping up with garden chores. Water the plants. Pull weeds before they get big. Get rid of dead, dying, and diseased vegetation. Banish destructive insects by picking them off the plant, hosing them off, or spraying on an insecticidal soap.

Enjoy what you are doing

This is the most important part of your gardening journey. You just have to love and enjoy it! Absorb the positive energy that it gives to your well-being. Celebrate your accomplishments from the time the seed sprouts until its flower blooms.

Starting a garden is actually one of the options Camella homeowners can do when they purchase a bigger lot size. As one of the homeowners said, “With the recent happenings due to this pandemic, we all have been cooped up in our respective homes. Gardening is one of the things which keeps me motivated and relieved from boredom or stress. Indeed, it’s fun and relaxing to get in touch with nature and at the same time basking on the rewarding feeling later on as you see the growth of your hard work. This hobby was made possible by having an ample space to grow my greens and turn an empty lot into a healthy environment for me and my family.” 

With the new normal settings and protocols, it is really good to value the things that make us happy. What more to ask for if we can do it within the comforts of our home. Let’s value our happiness as we value our health. Let’s keep safe, healthy, and happy.

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