QuaranTips for Worry-Free Living

In the past few months, the term quarantine emerged to become a familiar concept and it has introduced the “new normal”. The whole idea has completely changed the way of living for most of us. There have been new guidelines to follow and new decisions to consider. Since these circumstances are all new to us, we may feel the stress and worry over things that are happening around.

There’s a saying that tells us “the only constant thing in this world is change.” But the questions are, how can we adapt to these changes without stressing too much about the virus and the quarantine? How do we embrace the new normal while we try to adapt to these new challenges? Here are some quarantips on how to lessen your worries during the quarantine.

Enjoy the scenery or view

Have you ever watched the scenery from your window? How about watching the sunset in your balcony? Or sitting in the garden while drinking your favorite cup of coffee and binge-watching that favorite K-Drama? These are some of the simple things that we often take for granted before. But these visual treats will help you appreciate the beauty of your community and help your mind relax. Living in Camella will not only offer the best view from your house but also the scenic surroundings of the whole community.


Good health should be a top priority for all of us. We need to sustain a healthy way of living. Aside from proper diet, a person also needs to exercise and do physical activities. The most convenient and cost-friendly way to exercise is to run around your subdivision. Security and safety while running will give you peace of mind and focus. It also would not hurt seeing the greeneries around Green Avenue along your jog trail.

Explore new hobbies

To overcome the thoughts of contacting with the virus and somehow relieve the stress attached to it, one may explore new hobbies to try. It could be cooking or baking new dishes. Gardening new set of plants or writing a poem or a song. Aside from keeping you busy, they may also enhance the hidden talent that you did not expect. This can also be your much needed bonding time with family. When successful, this may become an opportunity for a passion project or a small business. And the best location for these activities is in the comfort of your own home.

Make errands easier to run

Even during the quarantine, there are also some errands need to be done – paying bills, buying groceries, or fixing the house. To avoid any hassle or problem, most of us would try to go online (All Easy). However, not everyone is comfortable with this kind of setup, so most likely they would still go the nearest mall or commercial establishment. The convenience of living in Camella is that Vista Mall is just few minutes from your home. This will make errands easier to run and faster to accomplish.

May these quarantips help you cope with the new normal. Stay healthy and be safe always!

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