Feeling hopeless at this difficult time? Check out these tips!

It has been five months since COVID-19 shocked the world, changed the way people live in every corner of the globe. It didn’t matter what your race is, even whether you’re rich or poor, young or old. Everyone is susceptible to the virus.

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing right now if this pandemic didn’t happen? Probably, you’re at the beach with your friends, in a coffee shop enjoying your favorite frappe, or in the mall shopping for your fashion essentials.

We couldn’t help but miss all of these things that were normal to us. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair. So here are some tips and activities you can find within the comforts of your home that can help improve your mood and ease depression.

Find simple sources of joy

While you can’t force yourself to have fun, you can push yourself to do things that will boost your mood throughout the day. Try listening to uplifting music, even getting up and dancing around if you can, or finding a reason to laugh by watching funny videos on YouTube or episodes of your favorite series. You can likewise try playing with the kids or a pet in your household—they’ll benefit as much as you will.

Reach out to friends and family

Just because you are “shut in” doesn’t mean you are “shut off.” Make a list of friends—even people you haven’t had contact with in the past several years. Think about family members—list them as well. Then begin to email or text some of them that you would like to touch base with and check-in.

Share your talents

Love cooking but doubtful if what you’ll prepare will be appreciated? Don’t fret because, pretty sure, your family will love it. You can bake some goodies or cook their favorite dishes. In every food you make, there’s certainly a smile looking forward to your dining table. So forget that feeling of being afraid to share your cooking ideas. It’s not just about what you’re doing, but to whom you’re doing it for.

Make the most of your family time

Play and have fun together as a family. Playing board games, trivia games, or doing something outdoors as a family such as a lawn game can help with feelings of isolation and increase connectivity among family members during this time.

Keep in mind that you do have control over what you do every day. Try these steps and reach out to others for suggestions. Every day is up to you. Keep track of everything that you are doing—and plan to do. And sometimes, the things that can comfort you are just within your home.

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