8 Must-Try Restaurants for an Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip

Only an hour away by car from Manila, you’ll arrive in the province of Pampanga. Dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, you’ll definitely be welcomed by a legendary cuisine. This province is also known for being the birthplace of chefs who earned cooking techniques from Spaniards during the colonial period. This is actually the secret behind every mouth-watering dish that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Pampanga takes its food seriously. The reason for this is simple – Kapampangans always want to make you feel home whenever you visit the town. This might be the one you need to brighten some of your gloomy days.

But you might be asking, where to eat in Pampanga? Well, we’ve got you here a rundown of restaurants that you should give a try.

Everybody’s Café

Get ready to visit and dine in at one of the province’s top restaurants and the all-time favorite, Everybody’s Café. This cafe serves authentic Kapampangan cuisine. Its menu is practically the same since it opened in the 1960s. Their ‘Betute Tugak’ or stuffed frog is a must!

Aling Lucing’s Sisig

Here is where the modern sisig was born. It actually started with a happy accident. Lucia Cunanan, known as Aling Lucing, was grilling pig ears as usual. She didn’t realize until it was too late that she had accidentally burned the pork. Not wanting to throw out the burnt pork, she chopped it up and added some onions and vinegar. With these ingredients mixed all together, she called it her new version of sisig. Since then, Aling Lucing has been dubbed as the “Sisig Queen”. Their sisig is tender and fatty, served on a sizzling plate.

Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

Mila’s Tokwat’s Baboy is among the go-to places to enjoy this delicious Kapampangan meal but less the frills of some classy urban diners including air conditioning and expensive furniture.  Starting as a small sari-sari store and eatery several years ago, it seems to have tripled or quadrupled its size to cater to the influx of crowd.

Razon’s of Guagua

Razon’s store started as a mini-stall or “refreshment parlor” at the Razon residence in Guagua. Due to the simple yet excellent taste of their halo-halo, the store became extremely popular through word-of-mouth. Today, they have no less than 20 branches all over Metro Manila. Razon’s of Guagua is mostly known for its minimalist yet delicious halo-halo. Its version only has sweetened plantains, shredded macapuno, and leche flan.

Apag Marangle

Apag Marangle aims to spread that unique Kapampanga feeling and be able to delight their customers with warmth and unforgettable dining experience. By means of gastronomic adventure, Apag Marangle tickles your taste buds with its exotic cuisines. Their Camaru or crickets will surely make every customer crave for more.

FNC-Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Need we say more?

Its most popular product, the buko pandan salad, never disappoints.

Kusinang Matua ng Atching Lilian

For Atching Lillian, the food of Pampanga is more than just about grilled pork faces, although she does that very well, too. For Lillian, what’s important is the story and the heritage behind Kapampangan cuisine because she believes that tradition can add as much flavor to a dish as the spices. Lillian’s signature creations are San Nicolas cookies, religious treat dedicated to Saint Nicholas, which can trace its origins back to the arrival of Catholicism in the Spanish colonial era.

Historic Camalig

Historic Camalig used to be the Nepomuceno family’s house and rice barn. The restaurant offers unique pizza flavors with which the owners dubbed as the “pambansang pizza”. Armando’s Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza is actually the restaurant’s best-seller, so you better not miss this out!

You’ll surely be in awe with what Pampanga has in store for your taste buds. Feeling the excitement already? Get ready to experience the life and, of course, the food in this province.


Here’s also something that we’d like to share.

Did you know that these well-known and historical restaurants are only a few kilometers away from Camella Pampanga? Camella Pampanga is a 9-hectare house and lot development that welcomes everyone to a Spanish-inspired house and lot community replete with unique amenities such as impressive entrance gate, clubhouse, basketball court, playground, lush green parks and round-the-clock security. Its proximity to these food destinations actually makes it more convenient and appealing to receive visitors or relatives from other locations that will give them the chance to taste and experience Kapampangan cuisine.

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