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Top 7 Reasons Why Living in Malolos is Ideal for Your Family

Cities outside Metro Manila like Malolos in Bulacan have been seeing a steady influx of families relocating away from the hustle and bustle of busy and teeming Manila. Couples who have grown weary of the hectic city life are now considering to set up roots and start families in provincial cities surrounding the capital. Because yes, you can have a taste of quaint suburban lifestyle while still enjoying the perks of city life.

We’ve listed some reasons why so many families are now opting to live in the capital of Bulacan.

It’s less than an hour away from Metro Manila

Malolos is just a bus away from Makati, BGC, or Taft, and a couple of minutes from Quezon City. This gives people who go to central business districts a chance to escape the busy city and head home daily after work to relax in their peaceful suburban abode.

Modern lifestyle meets rustic living

The city is a good place to get in touch with history without losing the comforts of modern life. Historical attractions are just a few minutes away as Malolos is home to the famous Barasoain Church, the Kalayaan Tree, and the Casa Real Shrine.

Lush spaces and fresh air make for a perfect environment to raise children

For parents, nothing beats the joy of watching their kids freely running around a wide-open space, with the wind blowing against their happy little faces – something a crowded metropolis can’t offer. The kind of environment Malolos has allows kids to have a taste of a life that is much simpler, laid-back, and the vibe is much more carefree.

Food hubs are emerging

In Malolos, you can explore various food spots offering patrons the best of what the place has to offer. You can also discover local culinary gems like the Empanada de Kaliskis and the old-fashioned ensaymada filled with cheese and topped with salted egg.

Major malls and businesses are already here

With major malls and businesses that have set-up shop in Malolos, you will never run out of style! On weekends when you’re too tired to travel to Manila to buy your essentials, you can simply head on out and discover great finds in commercial establishments nearby.

Master-planned developments exist here

To cater to the needs and preferences of your family in terms of sustainable living, a master-planned urban community can be found here. There’s Camella Provence strategically located along McArthur Highway, near schools, hospitals, churches and other establishments. This township takes pride in having a commercial area with establishments that cater to each family member’s needs. Living here puts you into a convenient situation where you can simply access your everyday necessities with the still-expanding Vista Mall Malolos in the vicinity.

Transportation projects underway will drastically cut travel time to Malolos

With MRT-7 being months away from operation, mobility will no longer be an issue. The completion of the 22-kilometer railway system connecting EDSA North Avenue to San Jose Del Monte will make Malolos even more accessible.

Another infrastructure project to look forward to is the North-South Commuter Railway which will have a station in Malolos. More infrastructure developments in the area also translate to growth in property investment value.

So if you’re looking to take your family away from the crowded city, head on over to the north and see what Malolos has to offer. Who knows, soon you could be one of the many who have chosen to call this charming, culturally-rich, and strategically located suburb a home.

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