Fall in Love with Cebu’s Waterfalls

Cebu has been on top of the list for adrenaline junkies. From swimming with whale sharks in Oslob to conquering your fear of heights at Sky Walk Extreme, let us discover more of the natural forests of Cebu and fall in love altogether with its majestic waterfalls.

Montpeller Falls

Montpeller is not usually visited by tourists, and this actually makes it more special. For first timers, you will need a local guide to show you the way. A huge hand-painted sign on the road in Algeria marks the entrance going to the short trail towards the falls. It’s a picturesque spot, nestled within the lanzones plantation of the town of Montpeller. The water is not too deep, making it a great place to just relax and appreciate the beautiful surroundings while savoring your calming dip.

Dao Falls

Dao Waterfall is about 40-50m high and pours down into a large pool. But before arriving in this spot, you will experience a breathtaking thirty-minute trek through blue waters. On top of that are ferns, palms, and other jungle plants covering the canyon walls on either side of the path. The trek is not arduous, save for some walking into waters.

Handigan Falls

If you love thrills and adventure, Handigan Falls is your perfect destination. With no clear path and few people who know the way, Handigan falls lives up to its reputation as a mystical spot. Tucked within the mountains of Malayuboc, the waterfall is a hole in a wall of rock. The pool is shallow and is perfect for a relaxing swim. This spot is free from the flock of tourists and would mean more time to get those Instagram shots!

Aguinid Falls

In Aguidinid Falls, your destination is not just one but five. This spot boasts five waterfalls, with the most impressive waiting at the end. Like in Kawasan, you will be required to jump off into turquoise waters. Unlike previously mentioned waterfalls, this is a popular destination, so it’s not hard to find in Samboan. Be careful and come in prepared because it can also be tricky. At the last waterfall, a small cave is in the middle of the rock. You can take that Instagram-worthy photo that all your followers will definitely love!

The list is provided, it’s time to update that bucket list of yours again! Or why not become a full-time traveler in Cebu by owning a home here? There are so many more places waiting to be explored!


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