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Best Investments in Sta. Maria, Bulacan

The economic growth of a country is a major factor in the development of its society. This refers to the productive potential of the economy to satisfy the needs of individuals living in it. When sustained, it has a positive impact, not only on the national income but on the people’s standards of living as well. Well-sustained economic growth also means that the state has an aggressive business development strategies. These conditions then contribute to further strengthen economic growth, attracting people who are exploring investment options for their hard-earned money. 

One of the most aggressive local government units in terms of business development is Bulacan, particularly the municipality of Sta. Maria. Here are the investments you can look into in this area:


Since Sta. Maria is strategically located between Manila and Central Luzon, it is the perfect location for food business ventures. Be it Chicharon or other pasalubong, this municipality is fit for a production warehouse or even a physical store, as Sta. Maria’s is convenient is accessible. The town’s proximity to entry and exit points(Tambubong Interchange and Philippine Arena Interchange) eases up travel within Bulacan and even to and from Metro Manila.


As an agricultural province, Bulacan is rich with natural resources for farming. The municipality has an abundant supply of land if you’re into growing root crops or vegetables. Here, you can grow your own plots and get ahead of the plant business trend today. With its perfect location and topography, Sta. Maria is well-suited for your gardening business.


Sta. Maria is also becoming a magnet for commercial establishments, and it is the site of the soon-to-open Vista Mall. Bringing leisure activities and more business opportunities, this new project is expected to draw in investing entrepreneurs. The ongoing construction of The New Manila International Airport is also anticipated to attract more clients and venturers within Sta. Maria and other towns of Bulacan.


With all the investment options you might want to consider, the most rewarding would be real estate. When a real estate project’s development is continuous, its value appreciation is also expected to continually increase. Hence, the best choice you can make is a house-and-lot investment in Sta. Maria.

Sta. Maria is the ideal place to settle down with your family with its location and accessibility. All that you need is here with community amenities, malls, and more commercial establishments around you. The town’s safety and security also make property leasing a favorable way to earn income easily. Not only do you regularly earn, but you also enjoy a steady appreciation of your investment over time.

Those are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. If you’re looking for a house-and-lot investment for you or your family, Camella Sta. Maria is the perfect township for you. This 12-hectare Spanish-Mediterranean-themed development is located in a highly-urbanized area, near the upcoming Vista Mall and the Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor arena.

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