Practical Perspective: Homes with breathtaking views

Home is where you feel the safest. It is where you’re comfortable doing the things you want and love to do. It is a haven for both when you start the day and when you end a whole day of hustle. And speaking about the everyday grind in this fast-paced world, you might want a place where you could relax and bring back the energy you need the next hours. A sanctuary closer to nature would definitely fit for that preference. This trend is famous for well-known celebrities like Slater Young, John Estrada, and Team Kramer. They are known to invest in spacious homes that come with jaw-dropping, breathtaking views because of practical reasons. 

You might be wondering why such people love living in homes with overlooking views? Here are the practical yet perfect reasons.

Fresh Air

Having your home with an overlooking view lets you breathe fresher air. Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed, it also increases your serotonin level. This creates a ‘feel-good’ chemical in your body that helps you feel lively throughout the day. On top of this is the lower utility bill as you don’t have to spend much air conditioner to cool your room.

Natural light  

Stress levels are reduced when there is natural light passing through your home, helping you calm yourself. More than the illumination it gives to the interior structure, natural lighting further helps increase the aesthetics of space as it makes rooms appear larger. This is also energy efficient for it requires less electric lights inside your home.

Access to stunning views (sunset and sunrise) 

The primary reason why a person would put his home in an overlooking vista is because of the view itself. The sunrise would let you appreciate every morning. The sunset would make you feel grateful at the end of the day, and the mountain views or trees radiate a calm and tranquil feeling. 

Where would such homes be? Look no further because recent listings for the best islands in Asia in October 2020 included Cebu and Palawan, which made them dream places to live in for many. It is primarily due to their pristine beaches, falls, and majestic mountains. But more than just a glimpse of these natural views, there are attractive home options here. When you visit the two islands, there lie two communities that allow you to have vivid scenes of nature every day.

Camella Riverfront, located in Talamban, Cebu City, will let you have comforting mornings and afternoons as the community is surrounded by tall pine trees. Lush of greens will also greet you as soon as you open your window. You can take a morning walk under the shade of the trees beating the sun rays. A cool breeze of air awaits to embrace you after a busy day at work in the urban jungle.

Camella Palawan, on the other hand, stands out for its breathtaking view of the mountain. You could feel the chilly air while having a sip of your morning coffee on your balcony. The picture of a lovely sunset kissing the tips of the mountain would truly ease your tired mind. This slice of paradise is situated in Brgy. Sicsican, Puerto Princesa. 

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