Gift Giving This Holiday Season: What to Give and Where to Buy It?

Cold breeze. Longer nights. Crowded shopping centers.

Christmas is really in the air! The merriest season has started and we cannot be more excited, especially for Filipinos who are known for their Christmas gift-giving tradition. Starting from the first day of September, everyone begins their much-anticipated holiday shopping.

In searching for the perfect gifts for our family or friends, affordability, quality, and the sense of value-for-money are the first things that Filipinos usually consider. This is most especially during these days that some lost their jobs due to the pandemic and would just prioritize other important expenses than pricey holiday gifts. But since gift-giving is so much loved by Filipinos, there are still a lot of ways to carry on this tradition without hurting your pockets.

This is definitely where budget-friendly Christmas shopping places come in. In particular, the Taytay Tiangge in Rizal is one of those shopaholic’s dream destination for the holiday.

For your parents

If you’ve known Taytay Tiangge as someplace where you can fashion essentials fit for a millennial, well, you’re missing a bit about it. It also has a lot in store for your parents! You can buy dusters that come in different colors and styles for your mother or grandmother. Plants and decorative pots are also available here, something that will please a lot all the plantita out there. There are also accessories for bikes or cars which we can give our dads for their “babies” to look more attractive.

For your siblings

Finding it hard to think what to give your siblings? Taytay, being the garments capital of the Philippines, you can find the cheapest yet most stylish clothing we can ever give to our Ate and Kuya. From fashionable dresses to blouses, trendy shorts, sleeveless shirts, jersey shorts, and even pants, name it, Taytay has it. You just have to be very keen while roaming around so you will not miss any of the items in every stall.

For your nephews and nieces

We all know that if there is someone who is the most excited for the holiday season, it’s the kids of every household. Maybe because they look forward in seeing Santa Claus and receiving gifts from him. And yes, you can be their Santa Clauses by giving them presents that they will surely love. A very good example is an educational toy which can be very helpful for them. Aside from educational toys, we can also give them accessories for their cell phones, laptops, and tablets which they can use for their online classes.

Aside from giving presents to our families, exchanging gifts within our work place is still a tradition. For our friends and colleagues, we can give them cute office stuff that can be found also in Taytay Tiangge.

Truly, it is not about the price of the present that we give, it is always the thought that counts. Now that we are facing a crisis, we must always appreciate whatever gift we receive, may it be extravagant or just a simple present.


The best gift that you can give your loved ones this holiday season is a beautiful and comfortable home where they can live their best lives! Celebrate the holidays with a new home here in Camella Meadows located at the hills of Angono and Binangonan Rizal! 

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