Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pantone’s 2021 Colors

Before the year 2020 ends, Pantone announced the two contrasting shades for its 2021 color of the year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The colors are completely diverse but with the right form and design, they can complement each other. Gray brings a soothing and solid feeling, while the vibrant yellow adds a pop of color and positivity. They may look intimidating at first, but with proper planning in incorporating the two inside a home, the results can be surprising!

Home redecoration somehow became a mandatory chore to some households during the first month of the year. This gives the home not only a new look but also a more refined space to welcome the new year. So, if you are planning to apply this combination into your home, here are fun ways to play with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating to your favor.

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Head-turning poppy accents  in the living room

The gray and yellow combo may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to home interior design. However, discreet and careful touches like beginning with small decorations are a smart, easy, and inexpensive way to try out the colors.

Yellow wall art can bring life to plain white walls without being too loud. Yellow frames with a family photo or any photos of your choice are another great option to add character to a grayscale wall. A matte yellow flower vase on a plain coffee table can somehow add a dramatic touch to the entire corner.

Photo source: todacharmosa.com

Bring in the fun and sophisticated together in the family area

With the clever combination of Pantone’s colors of the year, you can create an interesting ensemble of a gray couch and yellow throw pillow that balance the energy of the room. This certainly looks sophisticated and chic without being boring. Adding a fleece blanket also elevates the level of comfort during a bonding session with family or friends.

A massive change can also be done by adding furniture such as a gray TV cabinet, coffee table, or yellow ceiling-to-floor curtains. It is going to be totally an inviting living room that will never go out of style this 2021.

Photo source: thekitchn.com

Love the contrast in the kitchen

From the food preparation to eating the meals, the kitchen is undoubtedly where the family feels the most love, care, and warmth. This part of the house brings comfort in warm meals and stories shared among the family members.

For those thinking to revamp the look of their kitchen with the colors of the year, you can begin with the aprons, napkins, pot holders, or as bold as painting the base cabinets in ultimate gray. It can go with a gold or yellow-colored cabinet handle to make it look timeless.

Photo source: idealhome.co.uk

Give the bathroom a fresh and youthful vibe

We all know that self-care rituals or even affirmations in the morning often happen in the bathroom. Since it is a space for self-care, any decoration might make or break it. And here is a good thing–the Illuminating Yellow is synonymous with happiness and positivity. By simply adding yellow accents in the bathroom can actually lighten your mood after a long day at school or work. Ultimate Gray, on the other hand, is a perfect alternative if you think white is too plain, and there is a need to make the bathroom a little more interesting. Aside from the aesthetics, opting for yellow products is good too. You can choose products that are organic and cruelty-free brands that offer variants with honey and coconut oil.

Photo source: frugalcouponliving.com

Energize the work space and cozy snooze

Many have added work or study areas in their bedrooms. For example, swapping some furniture and opting for a higher desk to accommodate gadgets, books, materials, and a comfortable swivel chair. This setup can be placed at the corner of the room or somewhere near the window. Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year do not have to end with paints and furniture to draw a line between the work area and rest area. Decorating the headboard or the bed frame with some fairy lights and polaroid still bring the positive vibes that the yellow color brings. To top it all off, a soft and warm gray fleece blanket, either plain or with print, can give your bedroom a touch of coziness.

Photo source: hometalk.com

Make a statement in the entrance

Creating a statement without sacrificing the safety and security of the home can start with the main door or main entrance. The bold yet really effective move would be painting the door with yellow and the frame with white. This would definitely catch the attention of people from across the street. You can also make it pop by placing an ornament in the middle of the door higher than the knob and some cute plants by the sides.

Photo source: homesteady.com

Set up a comfy and bright reading nook

During the lockdown, many discovered new hobbies and skills to explore. One classic entry is reading. The act of reading has a lot of advantages like visiting a different place or world, gaining knowledge from the experiences of someone else, or even being a protagonist. Studies have shown that reading is also good for health as it brings serenity to the mind and eases muscle tension.

To elevate this experience, you can establish a corner that is for reading only. It could be a yellow armchair next to a gray bookcase or a home library filled with books and some study spaces. Make this nook more comfortable by placing a gray carpet, fluffy pillows, and a nightstand in the corner accompanied by a pile of books to read on the side.

Staying in our homes for several months during 2020 has allowed us to appreciate the space we have. Heading to 2021 with a more comfortable and functional space is not only a trend, but also a genuine need for mental and physical health. 

Redecorating a home does not have to break the bank or cause anxiety by the overwhelming amount of tips and suggestions online. It can actually start with small improvements here and there with enough decor and budget planning before splurging on new items or better create your own decors to save more.

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