2021 Home Décor Ideas: Say Hello to a Creative Living Space

It is already the second month of 2021. Have you already done some creative revamps in your home? Since 2020 had pushed most of us to stay at home, some people opted to start the year by redecorating their humble abodes. Virtual arrangements for work urged professionals to create a comfortable space solely allocated for meetings and other work-related activities. Others did redecorations to add comfort and imagination to their living spaces, which they would want to focus on this year. 

So if you have not somehow transformed your home yet into something new and that will make you feel comfortable all the time, here are some home décor ideas you can check out

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Hang a collection of art and pictures

Your mood can be raised by just seeing something new in your home, whether it can be pictures, sketches of your kids, your own paintings, or a painting you purchased from a local artist. This is why creating a feel-good gallery wall at home is an easy, go-to way to add elegance and personality to any space. It also does not require us to be good at making art to put it up or know anything about interior design. All you need are a hammer, some frame hooks, a collection of your favorite art, and of course your happy emotions that would fuel the creative process.

On top of giving a sense of accomplishment once done, hanging up an artwork in your home can also boost drive, focus, concentration, and self-esteem. 

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Bring nature into your living space

One of the home interior trends that had been highlighted in 2020 is bringing nature into our homes. The hype was so loud that a lot of people have started calling themselves plantitas and plantitos. But what is it with this practice that makes it really trendy even until today? Well, putting plants into your living space brings a calm and peaceful environment that makes you feel fresh and refreshed. It also helps calm your body and mind. 

There are many different plant decoration options you can try in your home. You can add numerous plants, in all different shapes and sizes. You can put plants on countertops, position them on end tables, hang them from the ceiling, in-floor pots, and so much more. Not only do indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, but it also makes your home look peaceful — resulting in a healthier, happier you. Here is what research tells us about the benefits of living and working with indoor plants.

  • Indoor plants may help us reduce stress levels.
  • Real plants may sharpen your attention.
  • Working with plants can be therapeutic.
  • Plants may help us recover from illness faster.
  • Plants may boost your productivity.
  • Plants may improve your whole outlook on work.
  • Plants may enhance the quality of indoor air.
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Choose the right-size rug on the living room

A right-size rug is a must-have decoration for a cozy, comfortable living room if your home does not have wall-to-wall carpeting. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, the right-size carpet will add a pop of color, texture, and pattern to your space. Use a rug more extensive than the overall seating to make the room feel bigger. Choosing the larger option, exceptionally if you choose between sizes, will show that it is worth the extra cost each time. Consider the size of each room and the room’s furniture groupings to find the correct rug sizes for your home, measuring the room and the furniture as a first step.

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Maximize your space with built-in cabinets

Does your kitchen have limited space? Then the solution to this may be built-in kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are placed on a wall or other kitchen units in ways that can be fitted. This ensures that no heavy furniture needs to be moved, and you can start cleaning your cupboards right away. In a wide variety of decors and designs, built-in cabinets are also available. Whether you want a particular paint, material, door handle, or finish, you can build the same cupboard you want.

Photo source: mydomaine.com

Cozy up in your bedroom

After a long hectic day, your bedroom is where you relax and refresh, so there is no reason why you might not want it to feel like a retreat. You can have the welcoming bedroom you have always dreamed of with just a few quick décor updates. You may also install smart furniture options, calming paint colors, chic window treatments, and tasteful accessories. Your bedroom is full of design potential irrespective of scale. With this genius bedroom decorating idea that will help you pull off your makeover once and for all, get ready to venture beyond your comfort zone. The best thing is that you do not have to blow through your budget.

It is no doubt exciting to design your home because the process can also be daunting. It has its challenges to try to achieve the right balance between form and function. The big picture and the tiny details are equally significant, regardless of your style.

Is it not awesome to decorate your home like this? ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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