Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Up North in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan!

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, Filipinos tend to be creative in expressing their love in the sweetest way possible. As soon as February starts, streets, malls, and other local shops begin to be filled with chocolates, heart decorations, and flowers.

On the fourteenth, lovers would usually exchange gifts; guys would give their partners lovely flowers or chocolates. Some would go to parks with Valentine installations that are indeed worth an Instagram post or story. Aside from all these gestures, Valentine’s Day definitely would not be complete without dining out. For those living in Luzon, the top-of-mind places would be those restaurants in Metro Manila, Tagaytay, or Rizal.

But did you know that up north in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, there are also many delicious food spots recommended for a Valentine’s Day celebration? Yes and here are the seven must-try dining options to celebrate with your loved one. 

Photo source: Instagram.com (@maryjoyquezon)

Zaccheo Sachi Pala-Pala

Upon arriving in SJDM from Caloocan or Quezon City, this seafood paluto restaurant will welcome you with its ship-like venue. The seafood dishes are superb that the restaurant usually gets a repeat visit from those who already tried it. Plus, there is a live music band every night to serenade the visitors. You can also request a song perfect for your celebration. Since you will be dining in a ship deck-like setup, you get to enjoy and feel the city’s calming fresh air, most especially if you are going there for dinner.

Photo source: The Black Sheep Pet Cafe Official FB Page

The Black Sheep Pet Café

Couples who love to spend special occasions such as Valentine’s Day with their pets do not need to worry about where to leave their fur babies. They can actually celebrate with them at The Black Sheep Pet Café, just five minutes away from Zaccheo Sachi Pala-Pala. This café has a pet clinic upstairs, and they can customize a cake for your pet.

This coffee shop in San Jose Del Monte offers milk tea, burger, and unlimited chicken wings that you will surely love to try.

Photo source: canva.com


Get excited about this newly opened Korean restaurant in San Jose del Monte. Are you not craving for that enjoyable experience after grilling meat? It goes with the lettuce dipped in ssamjang sauce then topped with authentic Korean kimchi, steam eggs, or fish cake. Then you should head to the north and go for it this Valentine’s Day with your partner at Samgyup199.

We know it is going to be fantastic!

Photo source: yummy.ph

Teng’s Goto and Lomi Batangas

You definitely would not want to miss this food on Valentine’s Day. You can start the day with a bike ride and then try these unfamiliar delicacies from Batangas. Teng’s Goto and Lomi Batangas is located along the highway, so you can experience dining in an open space with a scenic view from their Nipa Hut restaurant – just the perfect place to enjoy the day with your loved one.

Gotong Batangas is a goto version of Lipa, Batangas. It comes with a twist for those who are not familiar with this dish. It is a soup dish prepared with different offals like liver, tripe, lungs, heart, and tendons, with beef shanks with lots of garlic and ginger. This makes it different from the usual goto – a Filipino rice porridge loaded with tons of garlic and ginger.

Photo source: canva.com

Tito Renz Catering Services

If you think celebrating Valentine’s Day this year would somehow hurt your pocket, do not fret. Every Valentine’s day, Tito Renz Catering Services, located just along Quirino Highway, offers a friendly price of less than Php200, already for a buffet setup. You can enjoy a wide array of food for this small amount of shrimp, fried chicken, kare-kare, desserts, and fresh slices of fruits. 

See, you do not have to spend so much on this special occasion. Tito Renz Restaurant is definitely worth a try! 

Photo source: Diko’s Farm Grill and Restaurant Official FB Page

Diko’s Farm Grill and Restaurant

Another budget-friendly dining spot in San Jose Del Monte is Diko’s Farm Grill and Restaurant. Cravings for Filipino cuisine will surely be satisfied with their wide variety of specialties, from appetizers to desserts. It is a buffet restaurant for lunch and dinner that will only take less than Php200 from your wallet. With great food matched with warm Filipino hospitality in a relaxing farm setting, this restaurant will surely complete a unique Valentine’s Day experience.

Photo source: coffeeproject.com.ph

Coffee Project

You might know Coffee Project as one of the ‘Instagrammable’ coffee shops in Manila. And yes, it also has a branch in San Jose Del Monte, which is in Starmall. What makes it stands out above any food spots in the area is its interior filled with beautiful ornaments, chandeliers, and lovely shelves. 

On top of the aesthetics, this café offers a carefully curated set of drinks plus a delicious menu like salads, pasta, cakes, and rice meals perfect for all occasions. Valentine’s day is no exception. Usually, they would have special deals during weekends of February. We might never know what is in store for couples this year. 

Are you ready to explore the food destinations in San Jose Del Monte this Valentine’s celebration with all the options above?


Did you know that these seven recommended food destinations are only a few kilometers away from Camella Monticello? Camella Monticello is your exclusive and premier address in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, with Mediterranean-inspired houses. For inquiries, you may contact us at 0917 981 9260 or 0919 078 9532, or visit us at www.camella.com.ph.

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