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Newly-wed Couples Planning to Buy a Home? These Tips are for You!

One of the dreams of mostly newly married couples or those who are planning to get married is to have their own home to build and start their own family. But purchasing a house and lot in the Philippines is not easy. It is perhaps one of the most expensive purchases they will ever decide on. This is why newly-wed couples should be extra careful and consider several important factors when searching for, preparing for, and ultimately buying a home

Here are some tips they should consider to give them ideas that will help in their decision-making stage. 

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Save early

It is a universal need that couples should start saving before getting married. When buying a home, full down payment must be settled first before a bank loan can be applied. This is why it would be wise to save up as soon as the plan comes to mind.

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Decide on your budget

Choosing a home gets trickier when it comes to how much you both are willing to purchase. This is why discussing the budget with your partner is a must. Analyze your monthly expenses and check if you can afford the house you both want. Some of the developers in the Philippines, like Camella, have different house models to choose from. Camella’s house selection gives couples more options to decide what house model fits their needs and lifestyle.

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Strengthen your credit records

This is very significant, especially when you will be applying for a bank loan. You have to pay your bills on time and keep your credit records impressive. This will help you when the bank conducts their credit investigation on you and your partner.

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Do some research

Once you are decided on your budget, the next thing you should do is to have some research. Compare and contrast different real estate developers and check their communities. If you are both particular about the amenities, find a developer who offers complete and world-class amenities. Aside from it, look for a neighborhood that is very accessible to essential establishments. It is so vital nowadays that our home is near schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and churches.

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Look for a trustworthy Real Estate Agent

After you do your research, you must find a property consultant who you can fully trust. The consultant will be the one to help you and your partner achieve your dream of owning your first investment as a couple, whether that be a lot or a house and lot. They will assist you from the reservation process up to the unit’s turnover procedure. This is why the agent you will choose must be a responsible and trustworthy one.

These are some tips you may consider before purchasing your own home. And to help you decide which developer you would choose, Camella offers a wide range of house models offering two bedrooms up to five bedrooms. You have various options to choose from. You can find Camella nationwide, from up north and down to the southern part of the Philippines. Also, every community is located strategically near the cities’ major thoroughfares.

Are you still undecided where to reside? Be near vital establishments while you want to enjoy breathtaking views of mountain ranges in Camella Meadows and Camella Sierra Metro East. Feel safe and secure, and enjoy the convenience of these subdivisions for you and your future family. For more information, visit

Camella Meadows in Binangonan, Rizal

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