Everything You Need to Know About Camella’s Panorama Series

Having many areas with sloping terrains in the country, Camella, the country’s trusted homebuilder, came up with a design to make use of these terrains—the Panorama Series. Camella Meadows, located in Rizal, is one of the prosperous areas to offer the Panorama Series. Aside from the unique house series that this subdivision offers, this Binangonan community also brags about its magnificent views of Laguna de Bay and Metro’s skyline.

Camella’s Panorama Series comprises six house models: Hanna, HannelaIssaIsabelaJana, and Janela. Hanna, Issa, and Jana are downhill split-level homes, while Hannela, Isabela, and Janela are the uphill split-level models. 

These house models are expertly designed and built to adapt to areas with sloping terrains like Rizal. The Panorama Series is planned with a unique multi-level layout – characterized by defined house sections and elevations. This house series offers house models with two to four bedrooms, ideal for starting families to big households. 

Aside from the unique features that these houses can offer, here are other things that will convince you to choose Panorama Series. 

Camella Meadows Showcase Area

Easier to Maintain

One of the reasons you should consider the Panorama series is that these house models are easier to maintain. Since these houses are multi-level, you can simply recreate or redesign each level without spending so much. The cost would be cheaper since space in every level is smaller compared to a whole floor.

Camella Meadows Panorama Series Interior

Enhanced Natural Light and Ventilation

Since this series offers multi-level houses, more windows are installed on every level. These windows allow natural light and fresh air to come inside the house.

It is vital to have more natural light in your house during this pandemic because it is healthy. It gives you vitamins B and D, strengthens your immune system, kills bacteria, and even creates an energetic environment to make you more productive.

Aside from natural light, fresh air also gives you a healthier and happier home. It improves blood pressure and heart rate, and it gives you more energy, a sharper mind, and even cleaner lungs.

Camella Meadows Panorama Series Interior

More Privacy

The split-level models allow for more separation between downstairs and upstairs. For instance, the kitchen and dining area are separated from the living room. You could have guests eat in your dining area upstairs without getting awkward because your family can stay in the living area downstairs. Multi-level houses give the members of your family the chance to do their businesses without interrupting one another.

Panorama series is also suitable for your family because it dampens noise. The children playing with their toys can be isolated easily from the family members that need peace and silence to work on things.

Also, multi-level houses can cater to multi-generation families. Since younger people have different activities than older generations, split-level homes allow them to have the privacy to do things according to their needs.

All these benefits are easier to achieve with Camella’s Panorama Series house models. 

Your family deserves the best home. Reserve a Panorama Series unit at Camella Meadows by giving us a call at 0917 550 6897. You may also visit our website at www.camella.com.ph to know more about Camella’s Panorama Series.

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