Buy a House or Travel First?

Getting older means there are some significant choices that we have to make. There are certain kinds of decisions that if you choose to do one thing, the other thing probably would not be done. A classic example of this is when you start asking which to do first – buy a house? Or travel first? This question is especially relevant for people in their 20s or 30s who see the world full of promising and fulfilling adventures.

Both choices have pros and cons, so simply comparing advantages or disadvantages may not be enough. Some people may agree or disagree about buying a house first or travel often. But there might be a compromise between those decisions that would allow you to save for your home and still enjoy traveling.

Here are some tips that you can consider before making that big decision:

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Save first

Before any of those decisions happen, you should have a considerable amount of money first. Creating a savings budget and monitoring your expenditures are some of the first steps you would take to seriously manage your finances. To make this easy, you can start with the little things you can do without. For starters, you can limit those expensive cups of coffee. From there, increase your savings gradually. Though they seem small now, you will see the cumulative result over time and feel accomplished. 

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Consider your home as an investment.

For some people, acquiring an investment is a major life goal on the priority list. But if you want to buy a property and travel, you can turn your property purchase into a profit. Properties such as house and lots in the Philippines have high leasing potential, given the surge in housing demand. You can choose a property that is ready to go and opt to rent it out. This way, you will have extra income that can fund your travel goals.

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Do not let your age dominantly dictate your choice

Whether you are in your 20s, 40s, or even 50s, you can still make some lifestyle changes. It would be highly encouraged to invest first in a home. Why? As you mature, traveling is one of the great ways to experience life after owning your own abode. In fact, it is rewarding for all ages. 

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Be prepared for anything.

One of the most significant questions you might ask when buying your home is whether it is worth it. This pause is natural. After all, you are shelling a fortune for this investment. But that is only in consideration of the present. When buying a home, you should think about now, tomorrow, and the next fifty years. That is how long your investment will last and more. While some people prefer an adventurous lifestyle, others may want a sense of stability. Having a home fills that need for something constant no matter how much the world outside changes.

Traveling, for some, is a rewarding experience. The memories you get from those adventures are definitely for the books. But it is also smart to keep in mind that a home is always something that you can go back to when times get tough. On top of it, a house and lot investment also open many opportunities in terms of your future stability.


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