What’s Cookin’: Kitchen Makeover Ideas

For the more significant part of 2020, most of us were forced to stay indoors. It made drastic changes in our lifestyle – the way we work, relax, entertain ourselves, and of course, even our experience in the kitchen. After spending so much time experimenting with different recipes circulating on social media or browsing many YouTube cooking videos, perhaps it is time to do some makeover in our kitchens. A retouch in this part of the house would not hurt, since especially it is the place where we cook the food we eat. Sounds good, yes? 

Here we have rounded up a list of kitchen makeover ideas to surely bring flavor and spice things up. Whether you are thinking of a major transformation or just minor retouches, here are some options for your consideration.

Photo source: canva.com

Paint warm colors

Everyone probably had this idea of repainting their kitchens but just had not found the push to do it. So let us start simple and easy. The most convenient, budget-friendly, and convenient way for a straightforward change in the kitchen is a new paint job.  According to some articles, warm colors make a comeback as they remind people of the outdoors that are sorely missed. You can wake up in a drab kitchen by going with the warm shade of yellow or orange. It works with whatever color you want, too!

Kitchen wallpapers are topping the charts, too. If you wish to deviate from the plain and simple to more sophisticated feels, kitchen wallpapers featuring our favorite sceneries are the way to go.

Photo source: canva.com

Keep some utensils hanging

This one works for all kinds of kitchen sizes and layouts, but especially well for smaller cooking areas where space is a scarce resource. Drawers and cabinets are cool and all, but simply hanging the ladles, spatulas, and other smaller cooking pans has its benefits. Not only this saves time as it is easier to access, but this also opens up more storage for other kitchens shenanigans from the freed-up space.

Photo source: unsplash.com

Try the woven light installations

It is a universal fact that lighting is one of the most essential factors to consider when planning a home. It is true for every space in the house. This simply means that the kitchen is no exception. Good lighting lightens up the mood in the kitchen. Give your kitchen a more sophisticated touch by installing some woven light fixtures to upgrade to the plain light sources. It can also add a feeling of visual texture to an otherwise same, old cooking area.

Photo source: canva.com

Texture tiles

Speaking of visual texture, why not also explore incorporating something that can actually be touched in your kitchen design? Whether you want to go for a rustic or more urbanized ambiance, the choice of texture in tiles can greatly affect the kitchen’s feel. You can try wooden floorboards, smooth, silky ceramic, or skinny brick-shaped tiles for a more modern and professional finish. Remember, the choice of design in tiles can make or break the kitchen.

No matter how your house and lot look like, there are plenty of brilliant ideas you could do to rearrange your home, especially your kitchen. These minor or major transformations can definitely add spice to your mood, most particularly when you are cooking your meals. So bring out the paint, buy some tools, roll up your sleeves, and start redesigning your kitchen space. 


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