5 Best Music Streaming Apps You Should Try

Is it not simply amazing that when you hear a certain song, it can bring back a special memory or make you feel happy in an instant? This is because music is special. Studies have shown that listening to music or a form of music therapy is healthy for your heart and can improve your mood. They say it can also lessen anxiety and depression as it has stress-reduction and mood-elevating effects. 

But the question is, how can you do efficient music therapy while on the go, working from home, or bonding with your family? The good thing is there are apps that you can download that allow you to listen to your favorite songs in just a few clicks, whether it be online or offline. Here are some of them. 

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Apple Music

If you are an avid fan of Apple and a previous iTunes user, you will surely adore Apple Music. One of its superb qualifications is that it has a massive music library that has some of iTunes existing exclusive albums and tunes. It also has a feature where you can download your jam and play them offline, plus it can also be played on Smart TVs and even on Android devices. 

How cool is that?

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Google Play Music/YouTube Music

Previously known as Google Play Music, YouTube Music is now becoming more trendy than ever. With this app, you can listen to exclusive albums, official tunes from artists all over the world, remixes, live performances, or song cover on Android, iOS, and even desktop. It is also best to experience it when you play on-background or off-screen. 

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Amazon Music

Amazon clearly has everything that you need, including music! If you have a Prime membership in Amazon, Amazon Music comes for free. Prime members get to access more than two million songs, including thousands of stations and top playlists. What is more, you can listen offline with unlimited skips, plus you can do voice commands with Alexa. 

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Young Radio +

Despite the name Young Radio +, this app is not limited to music download and streaming. This app also gives you access to a large catalog of movies and TV series. It also comes with a radio feature, where you can listen to your favorite stations. If you are looking for an all-in-one type of music app, you should really give this a try! 

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Who would not know about Spotify? This music streaming service is by far the most trusted app there is. What makes it even more interesting is that Spotify makes your music streaming more personalized by offering various plans based on your needs. It even has Premium Family Plan, which can hold up to six premium accounts. With this, you can create a family playlist that you can listen to while driving, on the couch, having a picnic in your backyard, or in any type of family bonding. Another good thing about it is that parents can block, control, and handpick content like explicit music for their kids.

So if you are looking for an easy way to transform your mood, just cue the music with one of these apps. 


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