Five FAQs Before Buying a House or Moving In

Have you found the property of your dreams? Is it your first time to invest in a house and lot, or the nth time already? Whichever it is, buying a home or moving into it will always give you different sorts of emotions that can be overwhelming. You might find yourself confused at times or probably feeling that you are now halfway from being totally sure.

Since the goal here is really to feel secured and at peace before, during, and after moving in, you just have to sort everything that makes you half-hearted, including many questions. You need not worry because asking is for free. You just need to drop your inquiry. After all, there is no such thing as off-beam questions when it comes to real estate investing.

So we are sharing with you the top five frequently asked questions before moving in

Freya House Model in Camella

How long is the house warranty?

First on the list is the house warranty, may it be for structural, plumbing, and electrical fixtures, termite controls, roofing, and a lot more. Real estate developers like Camella, your trusted homebuilder, assure you that there will be warranties on specific items. Examples of which are structural warranties that can go up to 15 years from the date of turnover. Yes, this is how extended warranties can be. Developers will provide the breakdown of those warranties depending on the contract offered to its buyers. So it is highly recommended to make sure to secure the contract upon reservation or signing.

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Can I revise or do alterations to my property?

Yes. Developers do not stop you from exploring your creativity to improvise and innovate for your dream home. Alterations are permitted. Provided that they do not affect the façade and the overall architectural component of the house or the subdivision. In Camella, it is required to submit a plan for approval of the developer. Upon securing authorization and permit, a construction bond is usually needed before proceeding to your house revision, which in most cases is refundable.

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Are there utilities available?

It is better to contact your service providers a month before your target date of move-in in terms of utilities. Most of the developers require utility installation such as electricity and water first before you move in. You may also want to contact and schedule your internet and cable service providers before transferring to your new home. Every utility you need should be ready once you get to settle.

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Is there a move-in fee?

A move-in fee is the charge of the developer before they give you the move-in certificate for the services they have rendered. While some require a move-in fee or processing fee, as others would call it, Camella does not necessarily require it. You simply need to settle the one-time homeowners’ association (HOA) fee and monthly dues discussed during the reservation.

Guarded Entrance Gate in Camella

Will I be secured?

Feeling safe and secure is what everyone is aiming for. Guarded entrance and exit gates and roving security guards are some of the factors being considered when buying a home. Before property acquisition, it is wise that you ensure that these services are being offered by your developer. Its round-the-clock security will prevent you from any troubles, especially while sleeping or when you have to leave the house for work. 

Some of these questions can be answered during the reservation process, but it would not hurt to ask all of them again before moving in. After all, it is always better to have the assurance that when you are about to move into your house and lot, everything will be exactly fine. 

So, are you now ready to move into your new home?


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