How to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Staying at Home?

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Mother’s Day is the holiday in which we honor the most important woman in our life, our moms. Many of us treasure fond memories with our mothers from childhood until we grow up into an adult. Regardless of the stage we are in our life, they are always there to guide, help, and care for us. Did you even realize that we always look for our mom whenever we encounter difficulty or when we get hurt?

This Mother’s Day, make sure to make her feel extra special. Here are creative and fun ideas on how we can show our gratitude for the most loving woman with the warmest embrace even while at home.

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Prepare breakfast in bed

Get up early and prepare a breakfast for your mom to get the celebration started. You may opt for a continental breakfast with a toast or slice of cake, sliced fruits, eggs, hotdogs, and a cup of coffee. This will surely boost her day. Besides the hearty meal, you also get a chance to talk with her early in the morning.

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Order a bouquet online

Giving her favorite flowers is such a great idea! So order it now online and have it delivered on the actual day of the celebration. Give it a touch of surprise by asking her discreetly to receive the package. It would also be nice to take a video of her reaction, whether it’s the surprised, grateful, or sheer joy.

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Write a card

When we get busy with life or when we live away from our parents, we seldom remember to tell them how much we love and cherish them. Buy or DIY a Mother’s Day card, and tell her how thankful you are that she brought you into this world, and don’t forget to say I love you.

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Create a video presentation

It is always lovely to see old pictures and videos in one presentation. While playing it, why not ask your mom if she remembers when and where the image or video was taken, what was going on in there, or the people she was with on that picture or video? Let us take her down memory lane!

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Arrange a Virtual Celebration

If there is no way to spend the holiday with the whole family personally, a virtual gathering is an excellent alternative to celebrate. Enjoy fun games together online and invite everyone to participate.

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Prepare snacks and watch a film together

Schedule a movie marathon in the afternoon and fill bowls of popcorn, chips, and candies for the whole family. Some popular films perfect for Mother’s Day are Four Sisters and a Wedding (Filipino Movie), Yes Day, Birdbox, Brave (Disney Film), and Mother’s Day.

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Shop online with Mom

Treat Mom for a shopping spree online! Give her a budget and let her decide on what to purchase. There are plenty of online shopping apps to choose from for every need, such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and Sephora.

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Throw in a pamper session

Bring the salon at home! No need to buy materials. Just use whatever you already have at home and offer mom your services such as manicure and pedicure or a DIY facial. If she also wants, you may even give her a makeover.

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Get her a special gift

Get her something that she can use regularly or simple something she will love. It is gratifying to see Mom happy. It could be a plant, phone, smartwatch to help track her health, treadmill for an easy workout indoors, or you can opt for a new home and surprise her with a key or a picture of the house model.

You may do one or multiple activities from this list or get the idea and recreate your own. Still, whatever you do, mothers will appreciate the gesture, especially for giving them time and preparing any of this.


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