DIY Exercise Equipment at Home? We Got You Covered!

The world is facing a pandemic for over a year now. The situation somehow opened our eyes and made us realize that staying healthy is no longer a choice but already a necessity. Eating a healthy diet is one thing to achieve a healthy lifestyle. So, how about adding regular exercise to your daily routine? Definitely a great idea.

Though the question is, how can we do that if it is still not totally safe to go to the gym? Worry no more! You might be cooped up within the four walls of your house and lot, but that should not stop you. Here are some helpful do-it-yourself (DIY) exercise tips to try as alternative gym equipment at home.

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DIY Slider Discs

Slider discs are those little circles that are being used to strengthen the core and glutes. When you place them under your hands and feet, you get to slide through different crunches and motions. This exercise also helps you to be more flexible. Go get those unused paper plates from that last party you had in your house for your DIY sliders.

Yes, that easy.

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DIY Weights and Kettlebells

If you aim to improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility, you should use some weights and kettlebells. However, they can be a bit pricey, especially when you buy bells with different weights. So here is a budget-friendly DIY tip.

Grab some eco-bags, water bottles, or water jugs. Fill your eco bag with books and your bottle or water jug with sand, water, or anything that weighs until you achieve that weight you want to try.

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DIY Exercise Bench

Did you know that an exercise bench helps increase upper body strength, burn calories, boost your metabolism and stamina, and improve your cardiovascular health? Yes, it does.

There is a simple way to incorporate a DIY exercise bench in your daily workout. Get some wooden pieces with metal tie sheets to hold the bench’s structure in its original shape. Do not forget to put the supporting screws on the joints so you can establish the bare frame.

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DIY Sandbags

Intensify your home workout with sandbags, often considered a versatile tool. Like the weights and kettlebells, sandbags also enhance and strengthen your exercise.  What makes it more challenging is the added weight of the sand.

To make it at home, you will need to buy a few bags of playground sand, fill in the heavy-duty trash bag with the sand, and zip it inside your duffel bag.

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DIY Resistance Band

Work on those shoulders and knees! A resistance band is known to improve mobility and build strength. This equipment is also being used for pull-ups. To have a DIY of this, you can just replace the resistance band with a robe tie, a bungee cord, or any stretchy material you can find at home.

So there you go! Now, get some tools which you can find in the corners of your house and lot, and let us get to work! Cliché as it may sound, but as the saying goes, “Health is Wealth.” This is why being healthy and fit, especially in these trying times, is a must.

One more thing, you should also need to make sure that there is a space in your home enough to be turned into a DIY gym.


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