Why You Should Invest in Pre-Selling Properties?

Are you actively looking for properties for sale online? If yes, there is a big tendency that you have already encountered the word “pre-selling.” There are actually numerous pre-selling properties in listing websites. But what exactly does the term mean? 

The real estate developer sells pre-selling or off-the-plan properties at their early stage or before its completion. These include house and lots, townhouses, and condominiums. In other terms, these are the properties that have yet to be built. 

Buying pre-selling properties somehow seems unusual for homebuyers since these assets do not exist yet. There are many reasons why most people usually consider buying pre-selling properties. One is the property’s location. People check if it is near existing developments and future infrastructures like schools, malls, expressways, and major roads. 

In this article, we have listed all the benefits of buying pre-selling properties.

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Pre-selling has special introductory price

Since pre-selling properties do not exist yet, real estate developers often offer potential buyers a special and lower introductory price. In most cases, the price is approximately 30% lesser than the developed property, giving a significant discount to homebuyers. This is why it is wise to start investing in purchasing a house and lot in its pre-selling stage, as value appreciation is expected over time. Also, in this way, you are setting yourself up for a bigger gain once the property has been completed.

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Buyers are being offered with a more flexible payment scheme

Real estate developers allow buyers to select the length of their payment schedule for pre-selling properties compared to ready-for-occupancy property. Down payment terms usually have zero percent interest and can be paid in more than two years. With this scheme, homebuyers can save so every monthly payment would not hurt the pocket.

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Buyers can pick their desired unit and location

For buying a unit in a master planned community such as Camella, there would be numerous counts of blocks and lots. If you plan to purchase while in its pre-selling phasing, you are more likely to take advantage of your privilege to choose your desired unit and location. You can also choose the ideal facing direction of your future home. It can be near the premium amenities or nearby entrances. 

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It is a wise investment

Capital growth is always guaranteed if you invest early. You are investing at today’s price for tomorrow’s income. This is because once the property is completely built, you can earn profit through value appreciation. You can have it rented to have a sturdy income or sell it at a premium price. It is also assured that the value of your home is keeping pace with the area’s developments.

So, are you now considering taking a look and invest in pre-selling property? Here is one more thing. It would nice to check trusted homebuilders like Camella so that your investment would not go to waste. Investing in a property developer with an excellent track record in real estate is also key.

Camella offers pre-selling subdivisions like Camella Monticello in the rising city of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Camella Monticello is a perfect place to start your investment as it is the emerging premier community in Bulacan. It also places homebuyers in a strategic location along the highway, nearby future developments like MRT 7 and expressways. 


Invest wisely with Camella Monticello. For more details, visit www.camella.com.ph.

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