Download These Apps to Make You a More Effective Manager

With most of us still working from home due to the persisting effects of the pandemic, digital tools have gained popularity since last year. This is true among companies looking for ways to track employee productivity. It is their way of avoiding instances of deadlines not being met. In addition, companies do this to avoid dropping sales due to miscommunication and other connectivity issues. Sometimes, these cause stress, especially for the bosses or managers. 

To better handle such situations, here are some apps that c an make you a more effective manager by maximizing the full potential of these tools.  

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Using Evernote, you can easily make to-do lists, take notes, screenshot a sketch photo, store important documents, and save any articles from the net. This is especially useful if you wish to read them at a later time. It also has features that other note-taking apps do not have, such as searching for text and find it in images. Plus, it works smoothly whether the image is from a page screenshot or just simply handwritten. 

For example, you have listed down notes about house and lot inventories during your sales meetings. With Evernote, you can directly search for references with the exact words from the images, pages, sites, and messages. This app is available for computer, phone, and tablet users. It also syncs to any device, so everything is readily available no matter where you may be.

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If you need your team to stay in sync, properly observe deadlines, and reach all your goals as a team, this app is definitely for you. Asana makes every project a success as it helps you to present steps and organize all the needed details of the work in one place. The app also allows you to manage and assign tasks that your team can immediately see. You can also create a timeline and have your team indicate the status to keep your project on track as things progress. 

Having this app certainly makes goals more straightforward to achieve due to delegation and knowledge sharing. 


If your team is working on expense reports, this app fits you. Expensify simplifies the way expenses are reported, approved, and exported to your accounting department. 

Using this app, you and your co-employees who use the same budget can quickly create, submit and approve expenses reports from a smartphone. You just have to take a photo of the receipts and capture expense information. You can never worry about losing important receipts ever again.

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This app helps you manage your schedule, especially the meetings you will have for the day or the next few days. Another good thing is that this app is not exclusive to work. You can also manage your personal schedule through this app. For example, 2Do will remind you days ahead before your actual engagements to avoid conflicts for the day. This way, you would not be prompted to set a meeting that is not on the schedule. 

With 2Do, you will never lose track of your schedule again. 

Now it is time to put them to the test. You can try one first. If it does not work for you, you have other options. Remember that for a manager to be effective, you are also required to increase your productivity. This way, you will surely inspire your team members to do the same thing. 


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