Keep Track of Your Finances with These Budgeting Apps

Most of us love saving, especially when we want to buy something in the future. It is when we become creative as we try to come up with our version of saving. Most people would prefer to spend less, cut some food spending, or temporarily deprive themselves of enjoying fun activities. However, there are cases in the day-to-day reality of work, family responsibilities, and other commitments that make saving quite impractical; at times, impossible.

Let us face it. Saving or even budgeting is sometimes a tricky thing to do. If you wonder where and how you can monitor your finances, here is good news: saving up is now hassle-free!

Below, we list down the most popular budget apps you can include in your daily routine to keep your finances on track.

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Are you having a hard time tracking your finances? MoneyLover got you covered! As the name itself, this app allows you to track all your daily expenses and can illustrate to you where your money comes and goes! It is time to stop your bad and impulsive spending habits and get everything managed!

This app is available through different platforms and mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and desktops.

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You Need A Budget

If you want to achieve your long-term financial goals and fully take control of your finances, then this app is for you! With You Need A Budget app, you will never have to worry about allocating your money to its respective expense category, be it housingcar, education, health care, emergencies, etc. YNAB will surely help you stay in line and get out of debt.

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If you are having a hard time splitting the bills among family and friends during vacation time or a simple gathering, let the Splitwise app do the calculation for you! This app can organize your shared expenses in one place and ensures that everyone is informed so they can track if they are the one who is getting reimbursed or the one who owes someone.

With Splitwise, split the bills the easy way!

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Ipon: 52 Weeks Money Challenge

If you already decided to control your savings, Ipon: 52 Weeks Money Challenge application might be the one you are looking for. This app lets you save a tiny amount of cash at first, then increases it as time progresses. It can also help you track your savings and remind you if it is time to save your money.

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Who is not familiar with Gcash? This all-in-one app is considered a mobile wallet to manage your finances from paying up your bills, transferring money to your bank account, shopping online, up to budgeting your money, and even investing. In addition, it has a GSave feature where you can deposit your money. Luckily, this app requires no initial deposit and maintaining balance. 

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Mobile Banking App

Staying primarily at home these days means transacting through online and cashless payments. Banking institutions are continuously upgrading to meet the emerging needs of their customers. You no longer need to visit any bank to set up an account, make deposits, and withdraw because today, life is full of endless possibilities! 

You can skip the long lines and instantly do online transactions right from your phone. All you have to do is to install your bank’s official mobile banking app, and there you go. You can finally view and monitor your finances in real-time. 

There you have it! You are now one step closer to becoming financially independent! Tracking your finances is made easier with some helpful apps. It may be impossible at first, but once you take the first step slowly and progressively. It is a life-changing experience that enables you to achieve financial discipline in a time-bound way. Just stick to the plan, aim for smart spending choices, and do not forget to reward yourself for small changes in your life but in a budgeted way.  


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