On Breaking and Breakthrough: A Father’s Journey to Success

As we are nearing to wrap up June, the month for the man of the house, here is a story of a father whose ultimate goal is to serve and love unconditionally what he considers his two sets of families.

Without a doubt, being a father is a huge responsibility. For Mr. Oscar Lungsod, also known as Papa O, it is to juggle both his roles of being a father to his 12 children and his sales group in Camella, the country’s largest real estate developer.   

Papa O is the Managing Director of Prime Marketing Professionals or PMP. The PMP group is known for always being one of the top sales contributors for Camella. But before he achieved everything that he has right now, his journey was never smooth sailing.

His first steps

In July 1997, Papa O took a leap of faith in becoming a property consultant for Camella Rizal. His sales performance has always been exceptional since then. Asked what his goals and motivations are that keep him unstoppable, Papa O simply said that “it is to provide support for his family.” A man of modesty and humility, “bringing food to the table thrice a day is more than enough” for him. 

With the right amount of discipline and perseverance, Papa O became a remarkable property consultant. He was promoted to Sales Manager, then eventually to Managing Director of PMP. As the father of the group, Papa O sees and treats everyone like his own family. PMP members have always felt the love and care of Papa O for them. He has been helping them with their clients and with their personal lives as well. He became a mentor not just in selling but also in their life-changing decisions.

His breaking

Just like any other journey, Papa O’s path had a lot of bumps and zigzag roads. Way back in 2016 and 2017, Papa O faced some life struggles. There were months that he would not reach his targets. He also battled with some financial challenges. 

“These financial difficulties pushed me to sell my house and lot investment, and return my car to the bank that time,” he would recall. In other words, he had to go back to zero and start anew. This time, it would be from experience. 

This particular moment in his life hugely affected his sales performance. It also changed his view of life in general. It even came to the point that he could no longer see a way out from all the problems that were piling up.

His breakthrough

Like what author Willie Jolley says, “a setback is a setup for a comeback” Papa O could immensely relate to these words. His journey was proof that those struggles were necessary as they all worked to shape and prepare him for more significant victory. 

In 2018, Papa O managed to bounce back and renewed his place as one of the top contributors for the whole Camella. He started to exceed his quota consistently. With his sales performance rising up, Papa O bought a house and lot once more, purchased a car for his family, and started a mini grocery business. He has also reached new milestones in his both personal and professional life, even despite the pandemic. At work, setting new top sales records every single month is perhaps the new normal for him.

Despite his hectic schedule, Papa O also ensures that he has time for his children. He makes sure that he provides his children the love and support they need as they grow up. He is also extending financial help to his family in the province. 

Papa O’s journey was indeed a roller coaster of emotions. He had struggles, but he never failed to become a great father both for his group and his children. He only proves that being a father is a duty that needs courage and strength to fulfill. And in his journey, he will always be thankful for the love and support that his loved ones gave him. 


In Camella, your dreams, passions, and aspirations for your family are all possible to reach. To know more about Camella’s offerings, you may visit our website at www.camella.com.ph.

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