Keeping Yourself Together: Adapting to a New Workplace

Remember what your grade school teacher told you about living things? It is that living things adapt to their physical and living environment constantly. Actions, behavior, and the way of life make them suited to the environment they are in.

Just like acclimating to a new company and starting a new job, everything would be different for you — the culture, workarounds, and rules. All the new things in the new work can be exciting and overwhelming. You might feel pressured to learn and grasp everything at once, maintain a work-life balance, and build relationships with your colleagues. It is perfectly normal to feel a little lost and confused at first. Still, you can do a few things to help yourself adapt quickly to be on track while keeping yourself together. 

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Be attentive to the company culture

Any company has its unique and distinctive culture. Culture is basically the outcome of accepted behaviors, and they usually come in the form of unwritten rules. This is why being attentive and keen on your new surrounding is one way to get a hold of the culture of your new company. By doing so, you get to learn where your colleagues get to eat their lunch. You also know if the senior leaders are approachable or whether your new workmates leave the office on time or not. 

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Ask questions and learn all you can

As a newbie in the company, it is definitely normal that you do not yet know a lot of things. Processes, systems, and tools are yet to be discovered. So, inquire. Asking questions does not really hurt, especially when you are trying to learn. It is better to ask than to spend time working on something you are unsure of that might cause delay to something meaningful.

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Anticipate change, welcome new experiences

Regardless of your role in the previous company, entering a new one means doing things differently. It is pretty normal for newbies to resist accepting the new working ways but trying to open yourself up promises a broader experience. Embrace every opportunity to adopt new approaches. It would also be beneficial for your new work team to suggest based on what you know should the need arises. 

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Build your network

Teamwork is the key to success in every company. Your co-workers will also be part of your journey towards success at your new workplace. When you try to achieve the most progressive results, knowing whom to reach out at every level is a plus. It is significant to understand their insights, expertise, and interests as well as sharing yours. This way, you can build a solid and helpful internal network.

Starting a new job is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do in one’s professional career. New responsibilities, a new work environment, and a new boss and colleagues require proper adjustment. While it would be easy to simply adjust right away, know that you do not have to push yourself hard. Yes, it can be incredibly overwhelming, but remember that you do not let it affect your performance at the end of the day.


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