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Room Renovation: Adding Room in Your Home

Owning a home may be one’s ultimate dream. It gives you that sense of fulfillment and pride of ownership. But did you know what makes the four corners of home unique? It is the rooms. Whether it be the living space, dining room, or bedroom, each of them translates to stories. Each room has itsContinue reading “Room Renovation: Adding Room in Your Home”

Reasons Why Should You Live in Pangasinan

The need for space, better air quality, and greener spaces led some families to move out of Metro Manila and settle in nearby cities that offer better, if not the best, experience. Living beyond the metro, they find life simpler. You get to wake up in the morning with fresh air, enjoy your peaceful surroundings,Continue reading “Reasons Why Should You Live in Pangasinan”

Best Milk Tea and Coffee Shops in Bulacan

Iced or Hot? It is usually in the morning, right after waking up, that we enjoy a sip of coffee – may it be in the form of a 3-in-1 coffee, an espresso, a latte, a macchiato, cappuccino, or simply black coffee. For coffee lovers, every cup just seems to embrace them with calmness, euphoria,Continue reading “Best Milk Tea and Coffee Shops in Bulacan”

Fiber Internet and Smart Technology

The new normal the world has been forced to live in at present has been everybody’s lifestyle. It has redefined how people approached social spaces, communication, and even their basic household needs. At the height of the lockdown, even groceries had to be ordered online, and consumers managed their finances well. Now, people rely moreContinue reading “Fiber Internet and Smart Technology”

Are We Going Back to Day 1 of Lockdown?

Filipino lifestyles have been completely changed, and the entire country is affected when the coronavirus appeared last year. The country is still experiencing this nightmare due to this invisible threat even up to this day. It’s almost two years now when the Philippines started to have a lockdown since the Covid-19 outbreak, and it’s veryContinue reading “Are We Going Back to Day 1 of Lockdown?”

Where To Go in Ilocos Norte Province?

Ilocos Norte is not just a typical province where nature welcomes you with chirps and fresh twigs to pleasure the ears and the nose. It is a province with a distinct character that astonishes every tourist that steps foot in it. Ilocos Norte is a world-renowned eco-tourism spot with rich baroque architecture and rich localContinue reading “Where To Go in Ilocos Norte Province?”

Early Christmas Shopping Tips

The Christmas holiday season in the Philippines is the longest in the world. As soon the calendar turns to September, families switch their regular playlists for holiday tunes. Households dust off their Christmas trees, ornaments, and lights to welcome the start of the Ber Months. For some, the entrance of the Ber Months is the signalContinue reading “Early Christmas Shopping Tips”

Download These Apps to Make You a More Effective Manager

With most of us still working from home due to the persisting effects of the pandemic, digital tools have gained popularity since last year. This is true among companies looking for ways to track employee productivity. It is their way of avoiding instances of deadlines not being met. In addition, companies do this to avoid dropping sales dueContinue reading “Download These Apps to Make You a More Effective Manager”

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Staying at Home?

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Mother’s Day is the holiday in which we honor the most important woman in our life, our moms. Many of us treasure fond memories with our mothers from childhood until we grow up into an adult. Regardless of the stage we are in ourContinue reading “How to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Staying at Home?”

Self-Love During Pandemic: Try These Sustainable Beauty and Wellness Tips

Have you ever wonder how you can take care of yourself, especially during this pandemic? It is no doubt that these uncertain times feel overwhelming. We are surrounded by stressful news, long work-from-home committed hours, and even caring for yourself and your family. What do we have in response to these things? Anxiety, fear, sadness, and evenContinue reading “Self-Love During Pandemic: Try These Sustainable Beauty and Wellness Tips”