Christmas Lightings in Iloilo City You Absolutely Shouldn’t Miss

Iloilo. Bright and colorful lanterns are now up along diversion road. Around us, Christmas lights glow in every establishment, and Ilonggos can no longer contain the excitement to celebrate the season. The streets and malls are starting to get busy the Christmas way. And what better way to spend the holidays with family than scouringContinue reading “Christmas Lightings in Iloilo City You Absolutely Shouldn’t Miss”

Hablon: From Iloilo to International Fashion Scene

If we hear about Iloilo, we usually associate it with the place’s sweet accent, century-age churches, and its best-tasting food such as La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo. But did you know that Iloilo is currently making a name in the international fashion industry? Iloilo had a rich tradition in trading textiles, and eventually developedContinue reading “Hablon: From Iloilo to International Fashion Scene”