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Where should OFWs invest?

These days, working as an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW is an attractive option. It usually translates to the assurance of supporting the needs of your family and loved ones. Since financial support is a top priority, OFWs tend to be actually pretty savvy when managing their money.  According to the Consumer Expectations Survey for theContinue reading “Where should OFWs invest?”

How It’s Like to Celebrate the Halloween in Pampanga

Halloween here in the Philippines is celebrated way different from other countries. We don’t do the spooky occasion by carving pumpkin, crafting your own masks, watching an (age-appropriate) spooky movie or playing apple bobbing, though there are some areas where families have begun to practice such ways and the all new favorite trick-or-treating. But mostContinue reading “How It’s Like to Celebrate the Halloween in Pampanga”

8 Must-Try Restaurants for an Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip

Only an hour away by car from Manila, you’ll arrive in the province of Pampanga. Dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, you’ll definitely be welcomed by a legendary cuisine. This province is also known for being the birthplace of chefs who earned cooking techniques from Spaniards during the colonial period. This is actuallyContinue reading “8 Must-Try Restaurants for an Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip”