Why You Should Invest in Pre-Selling Properties?

Are you actively looking for properties for sale online? If yes, there is a big tendency that you have already encountered the word “pre-selling.” There are actually numerous pre-selling properties in listing websites. But what exactly does the term mean?  The real estate developer sells pre-selling or off-the-plan properties at their early stage or before itsContinue reading “Why You Should Invest in Pre-Selling Properties?”

Where should OFWs invest?

These days, working as an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW is an attractive option. It usually translates to the assurance of supporting the needs of your family and loved ones. Since financial support is a top priority, OFWs tend to be actually pretty savvy when managing their money.  According to the Consumer Expectations Survey for theContinue reading “Where should OFWs invest?”

Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Up North in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan!

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, Filipinos tend to be creative in expressing their love in the sweetest way possible. As soon as February starts, streets, malls, and other local shops begin to be filled with chocolates, heart decorations, and flowers. On the fourteenth, lovers would usually exchange gifts; guys would give their partnersContinue reading “Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Up North in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan!”

Simple yet Fun: The San Josenos’ Kind of Christmas

The surprising thing about the holiday season in the Philippines is that it immediately starts as soon as the Ber months begin. Unlike other countries, Christmas here gets going from September and runs until the third or fourth week of January. In other words, Filipinos are celebrating the merriest season for almost half a year.Continue reading “Simple yet Fun: The San Josenos’ Kind of Christmas”