Why Choose a House and Lot Over a Car?

Choosing between a house and lot and a car is a challenging decision. This is true, especially with the current health crisis. After all, they are both investments with practical benefits. Having your own house and lot here in the Philippines means having a safe sanctuary for the rest of your life. 

On the other hand, having a car allows you to conveniently move from one place to another anytime you want. If you are still trying to figure out which investment you should put your money in first, this blog will hopefully help you figure it out.

In the Philippines, buying a house and lot, and a car is a status symbol that may indicate financial success. It is even highly-regarded if your house is located in a gated community like Camella. But you may not have the funds to finance both of them at present.

Thus, you have to take into consideration the external factors to help you choose the perfect investment for you. For starters, you can go for the option that will significantly increase your quality of life. 

For example, a house and lot can cost more, but it is a long-term investment that can be passed on from one generation to another. On the other hand, having a car is less expensive. But this asset depreciates in value and becomes a liability with its maintenance costs over time.

Here are more reasons why you should opt for a house and lot over a car:

Day-to-day needs

The first thing that you need to consider is your daily activities. What are the problems that you find yourself stressing over every day? Do you commute to work?

If your problem is transportation and commute, you might be thinking of getting a car first. While it may sound good at present, it may not be sustainable in the long run.

Many people will make a good argument for getting a car since it is more reasonable in price and easier to maintain. But with our market nowadays, oil price hikes, awful traffic, insufficient parking lots, and higher rate in car registration and license renewal, is a car a really practical choice?

As an alternative, you may look for a home close to your work. Choosing a home that is strategically located near your workplace can improve your work-life balance. This also puts you in the advantage of only having a short walk or ride to your workplace, which is also a healthier option for you.

With less time spent on traffic and commute, you can also have more time to spend with yourself and your loved ones.

Value of Investment

Always consider your future with your investment. If you eventually decided to put your asset for sale, then a house and lot is a preferable choice for you. Unlike cars that are depreciating in value, house and lots, on the other hand, are appreciating. This is especially true if your property for sale is strategically located in popular places or master-planned communities

After several years your property can be valued triple times or even more depending on market conditions that will give you a big return on investment. On the other hand, selling a used car at a high price than you bought it for is usually unheard of. One more advantage of a house and lot is that you can turn it into a good source of passive income by turning it into a house for rent. 


Deciding to acquire a house and lot can be the first step into many life decisions. As mentioned above, one of the most important things to look for is the location of the property you are eyeing. You can not only earn from selling your property, but you may also turn it into a more lucrative source of income.

You can earn more from rent, especially if it is near popular destinations or in a prime area. As time goes by, your children might reap the benefits of having a property near schools or work.

If you choose not to make your purchased house and lot as your main house, you can turn it into a vacation house. This gives you and your whole family a place to bond and relax. This also gives you the advantage of having an emergency place to go when unforeseen events occur. Meanwhile, ride-sharing applications have become popular these days. New car owners may argue its potential in the industry. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, the transportation sector is one of the many areas that has been greatly affected and endangering your investment.

Personal benefits

Buying a house and lot means cutting your spendings on rent and repair. In addition, you can extend your payment term for your house to have more financial leverage. This way, you can have more disposable funds, and it even allows you to save for a car.

Aside from the monetary benefits of buying a house and lot, owning a home also gives you peace of mind. Between a car and a home, the latter is something that you can benefit from five years from now.

Key takeaways

The most important lesson here is to know how to maximize your opportunities. As mentioned in the points above, there are several advantages in investing in a house and lot before a vehicle. 

For one, real estate is a tangible asset that gives a reward in the future. Having a home that is accessible to almost everything eliminates the need for a car. 

A good example of this is Camella Homes, which offers houses and lots situated in prime locations that have easy access to several establishments and provide convenience for yourself and your family. For Camella’s location nationwide, you may check out its property page. For more information on the houses you can get, you may check Camella’s catalog of house and lots for sale.

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