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Go-to Places in Bulacan for a Family Trip

If there is one thing the pandemic taught us, it is the fact that we should make every moment count. At a certain point, we have realized that we should never take for granted the time and moment we can spend with our precious loved ones, especially our family.

While it is true that the family is the basic unit of society, there is more to it than that definition. In essence, our family is the beacon of our strength and inspiration. However, due to work or other commitments, we tend to forget to spend some quality time with them, especially those who continued hustling even during the pandemic. Perhaps those who are not in a work-from-home setup are longing to somehow take a break and travel to a place where they can celebrate life with their families.

No need to look further as here is a list of a few destinations up north. These are where you can bring your loved ones and let them enjoy relaxation, happiness, and enjoyment—all these while observing safety protocols.  Plus, the extra treat that you do not have to go far or take country miles. Here in Bulacan, there are great places which you should really explore.

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DRT Adventure

Does your family enjoy the thrill of hiking, biking, or climbing? Or do you only want to appreciate and experience the majestic beauty of nature? If yes, this family trip is perfect for your loved ones.

Hike up to the mountains of Doña Remedios Trinidad like Mt. Lumot, Mt. Gola, and Mt. Manalmon, and revel in the exquisite views of the land. Those steep uphill climbs will surely test your leg power. Doña Remedios Trinidad also offers the best biking trails for those who want to experience nature while sweating and biking. Exercising feels really good while looking at the picturesque surrounding of the mountains.

There are also breathtaking vistas like the Verdivia Falls and Talon Pari Falls. You can even swim and enjoy the water with your siblings and parents.

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If your family is into pure relaxation and quiet time, the best location to go to is Lawiswis Kawayan in Calumpit, Bulacan. This private resort offers intimate peace of mind and a serene environment. Here, you can just feel the province’s fresh air and avoid the city noise without the need to travel far away.

There are also spa packages for the whole family that will surely give your body well-deserved rest and massage after weeks of hard work. The best thing is that you also do not have to pack and bring food and drinks since the resort also offers meal packages.

There is also a swimming pool available for bonding and water activities with the family. You can also opt to stay for the whole night to experience the peaceful and quiet ambiance of the place.

Photo Source: Philippine Arena Official FB Page

The Garden at the Philippine Arena (CIUDAD DE VICTORIA)

Looking for a place where your family can refresh and relax by looking at lovely garden creations? The Garden at the Philippine Arena is the perfect spot for you. Here, you indulge your sight with the green and luscious plants and flowers that will surely take your breath away.

Do not forget to take unlimited photos with the family with the master-planned landscapes and sceneries in the background. You should also explore the Flower Glass Dome Japanese Koi Pond, which will not only lighten up your mood but also fill your bonding moments with your loved ones.

Indeed, these places will leave you in awe and let you have a whale of a time. Besides, the best thing about all these choices for your family getaway is that they are not too far from the metro. So, are you game for a Bulacan adventure?


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